An honest update on my company and why I'm changing direction

So I didn't pre-plan this post, I'm just typing right now from my head on a particularly pensive evening. As most of you know I've been working in digital marketing for around 6 years now, and my love of it doesn't seem to go away. Something you also may know is that I started a business last year. My goal was to bring affordable customizable marketing services to individuals and small businesses. Having worked closely with these types of companies in the past, I understood their needs and wanted to make their relationship with traditional marketing agencies better.

A lot of people hear the words marketing and think = evil - this has not been my experience with marketing and I see the good it can do when applied properly, so I wanted to share this with other people. However, running the business and moving abroad at the same time totally floored me mentally, I was wholly unprepared and also not realistic in my financial goals, meaning what I was charging wasn't matching the financial goals I had for my own life.


β€œFor now. Very simply. Dream Markt is going to be a blog where I share my tips, tricks, and thoughts as a digital marketing professional - plus the odd focus on entrepreneurialism.”

I made the decision a few months ago to dissolve the company and go back to the drawing board, but then a friend reminded me that I had worked hard on the brand and vision of Dream Markt - so I could keep it and just start again with my mission. I realized she was right. often when things don't work out you want to dissociate yourself from it. I can admit I love starting anew, there are so many new possibilities, it doesn't live under the shadow of perceived failure. But I decided to not do that with Dream Markt.

For now. Very simply. Dream Markt is going to be a blog where I share my tips, tricks, and thoughts as a digital marketing professional - plus the odd focus on entrepreneurialism. I will still take the odd project as a freelancer (something I currently do anyway), but primarily it's a place where I want all marketing professionals and normal people who want to market their business or themselves to take VALUE from. I also want it to be a place for conversation.

I currently work in the area of paid plus organic social and digital ads for a mature startup in the travel industry. Professionals in the same industry are warmly encouraged to engage so we can help each other on our digital marketing journies. Newbies to marketing are even more encouraged to join the conversation! I firmly believe marketing is something we should all embrace if we have a value or skill we want to put forward to the world, so hopefully, I can help you get your head around it.

So what now? You can do two things.

  1. Have a browse, read blogs, and subscribe to my future newsletter here.

  2. AND/OR you can share this post so I can offer my free thoughts and resources to more people.

Thank you in advance! (P.S. feel free to share any of your similar experiences below, we're all in this together!)


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