What to post when you don't feel like posting

Hey there reader. Recently, I teamed up with my old school, The Institute of Code, to write you a guide on where to turn for content when you are feeling uninspired and all out of ideas! See a summary below and follow the link for the full article.

In the world of big data, increasing information, and waning attention spans, the challenge to be noticed can feel like it gets harder everyday. And when you have a daily deadline to post, it’s perfectly normal to run out of creative juice. When you’re out of ideas, feeling unoriginal, or simply not feeling photogenic these five pointers should help clear your creative block.

1. Let someone else say it for you

2. Data is your friend

3. Join the #conversation

4. Something old, something new, something useful?

5. Repair, recycle and reuse

Read the full article on the the Institute of Code’s blog here.