10 free or almost free resources you should know about if you work in Digital Marketing

(Originally published April 2017 on LinkedIn - but still very useful!)

I am approaching a couple of anniversaries. One is my first year at my current company, AITO, and two is almost 5 years in the working world. Whether by fate or perseverance, I’ve spent that time learning about and becoming somewhat of an expert in the field of digital marketing.

I love technology, shiny things, and slick digital activity. But often working for SMEs lack of resources (cough *money*) can be your biggest enemy. In my career I’ve appreciated tips off from other marketers to help me better execute my work. 

So today, in my celebratory spirit I want to share some of my favourite free marketing resources.

PexelsPixabayUnsplash – brilliant resource for rights free (and also free) high res images.

Woobox - free easy to use resource for picking social media winners randomly. 

Venngage - free easy to use infographics maker.

Gengo - super cheap and fast translation services available for different standards of translation (basic, advanced).

Canva - really easy to use software to create beautiful designs. From social media visual assets to email campaigns or letter headings.

HootsuiteTweet DeckLater - scheduling social media posts in advance.

UpWork, Fiverr - for hiring temporary resources, one off projects, or finding someone you can call on, on a long term basis. You can set how much you want to spend by choosing a 'tier' of freelancer.

Hex Colors - okay this is a little niche but it quickly changes HEX colour codes to RGB.

Random Result - in case you ever need a random number picker? I have...

User Testing - this is less free, but really useful, a place to test your marketing/ products before you launch it.

Excuse my brevity (I wrote this in my lunch break). Drop your favourite in the comments if I've left it out and let me know if you want me to do a 2018 updated version!